If you liked “Three Billboards in Ebbing,” You will love “Collar!” Now available on Vimeo


  “A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story”  Las Vegas Tribune We live in an age of instant communication that invites a constant barrage of information, that assaults the senses and often numbs our Human sensibility.  Our current President is perhaps the most violent and certainly the most prolific offender of this abuse of privilege, regarding (continue reading full post…)

Some Like it HOT! Some Like it COLD! The real question is, “Can You Handle It Straight?”

Some Like it Hot! Some Like it Cold!   The real question is, “Can you handle It Straight?” What happens when a cop kills?  To his career?  His family?  His life?  What if the person he kills is black? Hispanic? White?  Is there ANYTHING that he can do to make it right, to redeem himself?  Do (continue reading full post…)

Thank you, “POOPUS 45!”

Actually, we may owe ‘the one whose name must NEVER AGAIN be spoken’ a debt of gratitude. He has merely ripped the scab off what is obviously a stinking, festering wound in this Nation. It is an infection that was already there and has been spreading under the skin of our ‘corpus politicus‘ for decades. (continue reading full post…)

Rock-a-bye-bye, Baby! Bashar will bomb! (Vlady, too!)

We ALL live in this World to participate in this incredible experience by the Grace of God. It is by His benevolence that Human Beings have been granted Authority and Dominion over the many gifts and the many creatures that abide and abound here. Therefore, it is very difficult sometimes NOT to blame Him when (continue reading full post…)

Where have all the sporting goods gone, long time passing?

We are in the process of budgeting, funding and equipping our next film, “Shadow’s Serenade,” a flick about an extraordinary American football player, the top rated high school QB in the country. Winner of two (2) consecutive ‘state championships’ and being recruited by EVERY major college football power in the U.S., he is the darling (continue reading full post…)


I just voted AS A MEMBER ON THE NEW 2017 TV/THEATRICAL. ALL I have to say is, “Same old, same old!” Any SAG-AFTRA member that votes for this piece of crap, deserves exactly what they get, “Crumbs from the table of the Masters!” I say that as, not only an actor, but as an active (continue reading full post…)

Hollywood Boogaloo Boo Hoo, boo!

HOLLYWOOD BOOGALOO BOO HOO, BOO!   At first, when you check the ‘really fake news’ at the link below, you might be alarmed to hear that the industry of Broadcast & Entertainment (B&E), which includes distribution is looking at a “down year.” What a joke! If you’re looking at theatrical releases, you may see a (continue reading full post…)

BFG:A sleeping giant!

I just saw this film on NETFLIX for the first time. How anyone could not love this film is beyond me. I LOVED IT! I could not stop smiling all the way through it. My face was actually cramping from smiling. And, at one point (NO SPOILERS HERE), I laughed so hard I nearly pissed (continue reading full post…)

I Want To Apologize

I want to apologize to any of my friends and family who were planning to see me in the performance of  ‘SPECIAL, 1Actplay’ at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan this evening, Friday and Sunday.  The writer/director, Ann P. Meredith,  was unprofessional and abusive and ended up firing the entire cast the afternoon of the (continue reading full post…)