You are Invited!!!

YOU ARE INVITED!!! “SPECIAL 1ACTPLAY” HUDSON GUILD THEATER , 441 WEST 26TH STREET, NY, NY 10001, 8/3/17 9 PM, 8/4/17 6 PM 8/6/17 8:30 PM SPECIAL The award winning One Act Play by Ann P Meredith   NANN GILL as                               (continue reading full post…)

“SPECIAL 1Act Play” at The Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan!

                                                                                                              (continue reading full post…)


ONE MORE TIME: IF YOU DON’T MIND CHANCE TO WIN $100 We are looking for final answers to the marketing mystery.  What works?  Pick the movie poster you like for the motion picture “Collar” from the 6 choices on our website and you will have the opportunity to win $100.00. In our first go (continue reading full post…)

THE TRUTH WILL OUT! “A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story” Las Vegas Tribune

At High Desert International Film Festival with our friends who produced the movie “Gufors”  left to right: David Patrick Wilson, Susan Wheeler, Bob Gericke, Nan Gill-Wilson and Fred Paskiewicz THE TRUTH WILL OUT “A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story”  Las Vegas Tribune   We live in an age of instant communication that invites a constant (continue reading full post…)

“Collar” Goes Cowboy!

Willy-Gilly Productions announces entry in 2017 High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF) “Collar” Goes Cowboy! Goshen, NY… Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. has confirmed their full-length motion picture, “COLLAR” will be a featured entry in the 11th Annual High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF) to be held, once again, this year at The Pahrump Nugget Hotel and (continue reading full post…)

The Big Red Machine

It is an amazing irony to me that, in this the year marking the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, I have heard precious little about what was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one the most important events of the 20th century.    The fact that the Russian Tsar had committed to enter WWI against Kaiser (continue reading full post…)

Making The Moment Count

                                    There is only one great experience in this life and that is feeling the full impact of any and every given moment. We live, by-in-large, in the ardent pursuit of things that take us far afield from (continue reading full post…)

Download your free chapter of “Collar”

“Collar the Movie” is about to be released at last. But, for those who just can’t wait there is a book that you can access today and download a free chapter. It tells the full story with all the details. We will be releasing one chapter periodically until it is released. Starting today go to (continue reading full post…)

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion Cast your vote Enter to win $100 gift card! ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion Cast your vote We know that our audience is what really counts and we are counting on you every step of the way. *This (continue reading full post…)

“Fairy Tales can come true. It can happen to you!” – Lyrics to ‘Young at Heart’

A view of our first-rate cast with our executive producer, (ltr. Sizemore, Wilson, DeMornay, Roundtree, Gill-Wilson, and Santana) “Fairy Tales can come true.  It can happen to you!” – Lyrics to ‘Young at Heart’ Yesterday was a big day at Willy-Gilly Productions!  Both the Mets and the Yankees shut out their opponents 8 zip and (continue reading full post…)