Thank you, “POOPUS 45!”

Actually, we may owe ‘the one whose name must NEVER AGAIN be spoken’ a debt of gratitude. He has merely ripped the scab off what is obviously a stinking, festering wound in this Nation. It is an infection that was already there and has been spreading under the skin of our ‘corpus politicus‘ for decades. (continue reading full post…)

Rock-a-bye-bye, Baby! Bashar will bomb! (Vlady, too!)

We ALL live in this World to participate in this incredible experience by the Grace of God. It is by His benevolence that Human Beings have been granted Authority and Dominion over the many gifts and the many creatures that abide and abound here. Therefore, it is very difficult sometimes NOT to blame Him when (continue reading full post…)

Where have all the sporting goods gone, long time passing?

We are in the process of budgeting, funding and equipping our next film, “Shadow’s Serenade,” a flick about an extraordinary American football player, the top rated high school QB in the country. Winner of two (2) consecutive ‘state championships’ and being recruited by EVERY major college football power in the U.S., he is the darling (continue reading full post…)