Oh!!! What a Weekend!

Let’s start with Friday 10/4/13. It was a red letter day for Willy-Gilly Productions and our IT specialist, Connor Harrison. At the OSCEAN (Orange/Sullivan Employment Alliance Network) annual breakfast event, he received an award for his extraordinary contribution to the organization. They had been attempting to get a website up for years and Connor provided them with the much needed portal. We also received a certificate of acknowledgment for working with Connor, but the day clearly belonged to him, along with many other businesses and individuals in the Hudson Valley for their work with the developmentally challenged and those battling mental illness.

Connor, who has struggled with mental illness for the better part of the last decade, has been working with Willy-Gilly for the past three (3) years, handling all of our web development. In that time he has made tremendous strides in overcoming his previously crippling bout with chronic paranoia. When he came to us he could not enter a room in which there were people he did not know. On Friday morning in beautiful Graham M. Skea Recreational Center at Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, NY, he addressed the entire body of breakfast attendees (approx. 300) at the awards event.

Following an inspiring and powerful keynote speech by Michelle Benjamin, CEO and founder of Benjamin Enterprises (and, coincidentally, his prior employer) Connor stood and delivered one of the most sincere and humbling speeches we have ever heard. As an advocate for the mentally challenged, after acknowledging us, his Mom and the professionals at OSCEAN, he gave God center stage in his recovery and was treated to a standing ovation by the distinguished body of business, healthcare and political professionals as a result. IT WAS ALTOGETHER OUTSTANDING!

OSCEAN does amazing work in placing the physically handicapped, mentally challenged and learning impaired in jobs with companies all over the state, Hudson Valley and New England region. Working with companies locally like, Benjamin Enterprises, Price Choppers, Wal-Mart, Crystal Run, Walgreen’s, Chili’s, Best Buy and Mighty M Gaming & Raceway, they provide the connection and manage the placement of their especially gifted, ‘special needs’ workers. They do FANTASTIC WORK and we at WGP are proud and delighted to work with them and their charges. We look forward to a growing commitment to OSCEAN over the years to come. We congratulate all of the recipients of their awards and we want to tell the world how proud we are of Connor Harrison and how much we love him. We invite everyone to join us and say, “ALL HAIL CON-NOR!”
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Nan and David

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