Oh, What a Weekend! Day 2

Oh, what a weekend! Day 2

After a thoroughly empowering awards breakfast in good old ‘Tom Bull’ park on Friday, the Willy-Gilly duo hit out to Chester on Saturday morning for a monthly ‘satnam’ celebration of Life with our beloved friends at the ashram. Joining Raj and Ama “G” and all of the beautiful People there for Prayer, Meditation, Poetry, Song and the teachings of Ama on ‘God consciousness,’ we were treated to some of the best Indian food on this side of the planet.

If you love Indian food, you had better check out this place!

235 E. Main St.
Middletown, NY 10940

The food is outrageous at any price! The prices are ridiculous! (It’s a good thing!)

(SORRY! I mistakenly identified the caterers at ‘Anatole’ as ‘Saffron!’ Saying that they were ‘Arjuna’s favorite restaurant!’ Without question, it is a great restaurant! But, I have now been told that, while the Deity may dine at Saffron, he gets his take out from ‘Aaojee!’ €8-.0)

ANYWAY! They catered the lunch after the services at the ashram in Chester last Saturday and the food was from Heaven! What a blessing! EVERYTHING IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! I MEAN EVERYTHING!

After lifting our collective Spirit and over-filling our sagging tummies in the morning, we headed for Banana’s Comedy Club on Rte. 9 in Poughkeepsie, NY to try and laugh it off at the Finals of the “Funniest Comic of Hudson Valley” competition. Acting Anyone’s own (and his families favorite son) Anthony Terrebile, barely in high school and already a ‘pro,’ blew away the field, which had been narrowed over the summer months by an intense process that included such incredible challenges as, telling a joke while standing on your head, eating a salami sandwich and speaking Chinese! JUST KIDDING!

CONGRATULATIONS WILD BOY! Keep this up and you will be a ‘wild man’ in a matter of a few short years! You deserved it! You’ve worked hard and smart and nobody can take that away from you. It’s a real treat to see you working a room. I’d lose the garter belt though, it clashes with the heels! Oh, that wasn’t you?! My mistake, that was the blonde you left in the dust! SORRY, BLONDIE! (She could have taken you, but I heard the dog ate her cheat sheet!)

Keep it up, buddy! You ‘ll have me farting through silk in no time! €8-.D

Last note: Kevin Lee nailed down the ‘pro’ slot with some of the bet stuff I’ve seen in a long while! (BTW: Kev, I just found out that hurricane, ‘Shawnecqua’ is next up on the NOAA list, it’s 1000 miles off of Miami and the locals are already on the roads out of town! You nailed it!)

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