Rock-a-bye-bye, Baby! Bashar will bomb! (Vlady, too!)

We ALL live in this World to participate in this incredible experience by the Grace of God. It is by His benevolence that Human Beings have been granted Authority and Dominion over the many gifts and the many creatures that abide and abound here. Therefore, it is very difficult sometimes NOT to blame Him when things go so horribly wrong, as they have in Syria.

What is and has been occurring there in full view of the rest of the world over the past 5 years, the travesty, tragedy and utter horror, is beyond comprehension. And yet, the these children of Syria, their Courage and tenacity, the sheer Will to survive has made them the strongest most resilient and Faithful people that I have EVER seen.

For them to continue to love Him and ask for Him to send us to their rescue is beyond the pale of imagination, even for me. The fact that we, as Americans, who say we love children, have stood idly by while Bashar Al-Assad, Vladimir Putin, Daesh, the EU and now, ‘he whose name must NEVER MORE be spoken’ have MISREPRESENTED, vilified, attacked AND slaughtered them by the MILLIONS is UNCONSCIONABLE! The fact that we continue to stand by watching while ‘Trumplestilskins’ ‘pee-pee’ pal Putin bombs schools, hospitals and Mosques in the “Cradle of Civilization,” obliterating millions of helpless women and innocent children with chemical and barrel bombs is bestial at best. This “crisis” constitutes ‘Crimes against Humanity’ on a scale seldom, if ever, seen.

While history is laid waste by Bashar and his Cossack cohort, we continue to allow it to happen. This carnage is worse than the fire bombings in Dresden, Germany in WWII, the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. carpet bombings of North Vietnam and, more recently, Afghanistan and the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia, COMBINED! 


If we’re going to get the REAL job done, we have to risk it all and TAKE DOWN THE DEVIL HIMSELF, VLADIMIR PUTIN AND HIS LAP DOG, BASHAR AL-ASSAD!

In the interim, there is a movie that EVERYONE MUST SEE to get to the whole Truth! “Cries from Syria,” is a MOST INCREDIBLE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE SYRIAN WAR and one of the greatest docs that I have ever seen!

PLEASE, go to HBO ( and sign up for the FREE TRIAL OFFER! You can cancel immediately afterwards, if you want to! EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS, MILLIONS OF CHILDREN ARE DYING. Watch this film and be ready to spit your heart out of your mouth.

WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS, NOW. Check out  “the good guy (Putin)” that ‘he whose name must NEVER MORE be spoken,’ seems to love to defend! You will definitely see the Evil of this man and get an idea about what we are up against with his meddling here! He may have the same thing in mind as Al-Assad! Who knows! One thing is abundantly clear, he too LOVES slaughtering his opponents. 

Time to WISE UP! GROW UP! STAND UP and SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE RISE OF “TOTALITARIAN MILITARISM, WORLDWIDE!” The Barbarians are at the gates! One of them may even be spending his time, when not golfing, in The White House!





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