“A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story”  Las Vegas Tribune We live in an age of instant communication that invites a constant barrage of information, that assaults the senses and often numbs our Human sensibility.  Our current President is perhaps the most violent and certainly the most prolific offender of this abuse of privilege, regarding (continue reading full post…)

“SPECIAL 1Act Play” at The Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan!

                                                                                                              (continue reading full post…)

Film Production Class

Have you ever wanted to produce your own videos for the web? Are you ready to advertise on TV, but don’t know what makes a good commercial? Learn the techniques necessary to make your video’s pop! Willy-Gilly Productions is commencing it’s first ever class on Film Production. Learn from an Industry Professional Learn how to: (continue reading full post…)

Spring is Here!!! (Except for those occasional 30 degree nights!)

Spring is here (except for those occasional 30 degree nights)! Spring is here and so is William Esper’s new book, “An Actor’s Guide to Creating a Character” with introduction by Patricia Heaton (Home Improvement.) The William Esper Studio located at 208 W. 37th Street in Manhattan has been named one of the top 25 acting (continue reading full post…)

His Turn?

It’s that time of year again! That time when we Christians celebrate Judaism’s greatest gift, the blessing of God’s only begotten son, our Savior, Jesus ‘the Christ.’ It has been more than two millennia since He was made man to manifest The Holy Spirit within each of us. Whether Jew or Gentile, Muslim, Christian, heathen, (continue reading full post…)