Where have all the sporting goods gone, long time passing?

We are in the process of budgeting, funding and equipping our next film, “Shadow’s Serenade,” a flick about an extraordinary American football player, the top rated high school QB in the country. Winner of two (2) consecutive ‘state championships’ and being recruited by EVERY major college football power in the U.S., he is the darling of the football crazed town of Gladstone until he injures his life-long buddy in a Spring practice, ‘half-scrimmage’ drill. The spinal injury leaves his friend a paraplegic and ends his participation in the sport. At that point, he and his friends become total outcasts in the town.

This, “Friday Night Lights” meets “Benji” and “The Outsiders” story has a bittersweet outcome, as it grows, believe it or else, into a ‘coming-of-age, romantic, detective comedy’ with a dog (“Shadow’) for a hero. But, that is not what this blog is about. 

This is about how ALL of American sporting goods manufacturing and All of the jobs that go with it have been exported to China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and now Myanmar (Burma). In fact, I defy Anyone out there to find ONE  sport whose equipment is still, “Made in the USA.” How about that, Donny boy? NOT ONE!

From footballs, jerseys, pants, pads and HELMETS (I’ll get back here in a second!), to baseball gloves, bats (except, maybe Louisville Sluggers), balls, hats, basketballs, lacrosse sticks, HELMETS*, gloves, pads, and ON AND ON AND ON! It seems that it’s cheaper and more expedient to go ‘sweat shop,’ boys, than it is MAKE AMERICA GREAT, AGAIN! Maybe the sports associations and equipment manufacturers (All the top American brands) feel that the ‘craftmanship’ needed to produce the items required to participate in America’s sports training and entertainment will be blessed by the shared experience of the bodily fluids (namely ‘sweat’) that are expelled by both those making and using the gear!

Regardless, one must wonder if these foreign entities are really ‘giving their all’ or even ‘doing their best’ to produce for us the ‘highest quality’ stuff designed to keep sports ‘safe’ and competitive here in America. This leads me back to the ‘HELMET’ reference. Are they (other ‘Nationals’) working with the same vigor and care that they might take, if their children, mates, and spouses were using them? It seems to me that one way to take revenge on, “American values” would be to produce inferior product that would fail to protect our best and fittest athletes, who represent those values. Thus, we incur more major injuries and even fatalities. 

Think about it, people! Our track teams are running on shoes, “Made in China!” This is a country with whom we compete at the highest level in EVERY sports arena on the planet to garner praises throughout the World. THEY ARE LOOKING TO BEAT US WHEREVER THEY CAN! Do you REALLY believe that they are going to give us, in the words of my best friend Kurt G. Andon, “the good goods?” 

Our athletes, sports fans, are our #1 Ambassadors and the very essence of ‘the American Spirit.’ We are all about safety first, fair and just competition, ‘the level playing field,’ excellence through athletics and, above all, Peaceful co-existence on the pitch (playing field.) Do you think that it is “Fair” to them to ‘sell out” their safety and high performance for uncaring ‘capitalists,’ who really only care about their profits and what they can put in their pockets? And, what about the “human rights” of the ‘nearly forced labor’ (many of them children) around the world, who must endure horrific living and working conditions, so that we ‘Americans’ can play?

I post his challenge to you, ‘he whose name must NEVER MORE be spoken,’ IF you want to, “Make America Great, Again,” “Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs” and re-establish respect for this country throughout the world, THEN instead of tooling around in your little golf cart Tweeting a bunch of bull$#/+, GET OFF YOUR BIG ORANGE A$$ AND TELL MAJOR SPORTING GOODS MANUFACTURERS TO BRING THEIR ‘FAT A$$E$’ HOME! 





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