At first glance, this town looks like Anywhere, USA.  Dawn, all is silent. An alarm clock sounds. In an instant, the street is teeming with activity. The day is on.
This is the story of Timothy James (“TJ”) Williams, a ‘good’ cop rushing toward retirement, his family, friends and the town in which they live and work. He and his partner of over 10 years have helped keep the community safe and seemingly free from the corruption that plagues so many ‘small town’ communities. There is nothing unusual about the Williams’. They are simply another working class family with All-American values. Today should be just another typical day ‘on the job’.
TJ and Angel head to court to try and keep another teen-aged ‘perp’ from getting lost walking their streets. Yet, by the end of the day, TJ’s life and the lives of all of those close to him will be forever changed.
He will be labeled a ‘murderer’, unwelcome and unwanted in his own home and community. On this day TJ will make a decision that alters the course of his life and force him to confront many of the decisions he’s made in the past.  He will unthinkingly gun down his son’s best friend, a promising young black man, the pride of his community and practically a second son to the devastated detective.  After that, his life will unravel like a coverless baseball rolling downhill, another American dream turned nightmare.
Broken and lost, in unbearable pain, begging forgiveness, his prayers are answered. This is a tale of the fallen and the redeemed. A lifetime of bad choices cannot be rectified in a single day. But, as this detective discovers, finding the right place to turn around is the first step on the road less traveled.


The Craven spoofs the vampire craze we see in film and television. One of the several films scheduled for production for 2016-17 with a budget ranging from $1 million to $12 million.


“Chasing G” is just a sample of our work. Created as a pilot for a series, it will be followed by “This New House”, available this fall for distribution.


A short demo segment created for the American Science and Technology Center, it was intended as a ‘leader’ for a pilot on “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education, a large part of our commitment to community.


A ‘qualifier’ for the Boston Marathon, it was born when hurricane “Sandy”, forced cancellation of the New York Marathon. Set in the beautiful Orange County countryside, it is a demanding and exhilarating challenge for any runner. (
The following are segments of a feature-length documentary about the creation of this annual event, entering its fourth year.)


“EMPOWERING WOMEN EVERYWHERE” “Empowering Women Everywhere” is a television show designed just for you. It showcases successful women living and working right in your “backyard”, that inspire and teach others the true power of women.

Stay tuned for new project videos of: “This New House” and “Kung Fu Mama” coming in April.