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At first glance, this town looks like Anywhere, USA.  Dawn, all is silent. An alarm clock sounds. In an instant, the street is teeming with activity. The day is on.
This is the story of Timothy James (“TJ”) Williams, a ‘good’ cop rushing toward retirement. By the end of the day, TJ’s life and the lives of all of those close to him will be forever changed.
After that, his life will unravel like a coverless baseball rolling downhill, another American dream turned nightmare.
But, as this detective discovers, finding the right place to turn around is the first step on the road less traveled.


“Shadow Serenade”

This is a story of an All-American High School football phenom (TYLER MYLES) and his friends.  As the #1 rated high school quarterback in the country, he is a property of unparalleled value. Twice ‘state champions’ in a football crazed town, he permanently disables his closest friend (GIANNI LIBERTINI) in a freak accident, which would later be identified as something that should have never happened. With the help of his buddies and a lovable pooch, he proves again what a real hero can be.


“Three for the Road”

What do you do when everything that you thought was working falls apart?

“Three For The Road” is a short film from a mid-life sitcom for wounded warriors of the feminist wars.

When three strong, independent, intelligent women come together seeking spiritual enlightenment, or maybe just ‘sexual healing,’  they soon discover that although their paths have been very different, they have converged at a junction that seems to be nowhere, but leads them to a new life filled with all kinds of unlikely adventures.

It is a poignant look at the indomitable spirit of three very different, powerful women, who have not allowed adverse circumstances to derail their commitment to living fully, with laughter, love and adventure.”


“EMPOWERING WOMEN EVERYWHERE” “Empowering Women Everywhere” is a television show designed just for you. It showcases successful women living and working right in your “backyard”, that inspire and teach others the true power of women.

Stay tuned for new project videos of: “This New House” and “Kung Fu Mama” coming in April.