Some Like it HOT! Some Like it COLD! The real question is, “Can You Handle It Straight?”

Some Like it Hot! Some Like it Cold!   The real question is, “Can you handle It Straight?”

What happens when a cop kills?  To his career?  His family?  His life?  What if the person he kills is black? Hispanic? White?  Is there ANYTHING that he can do to make it right, to redeem himself?  Do you want to know?  Do you even care?  Find the real deal here.

At last, a movie that tells it like it really is.

But, don’t take our word for it, read what the pros are saying about the film.  Know that this is not fake news.  It’s happening every day and probably even in your neighborhood.  Get the whole story from  ‘page one’ before you become the bad news at 6 and 11.


Producer/Director: David Wilson
Willy-Gilly Productions

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